Aspie Media – Podcasts, Vlogs, etc.

Aspie Media –  – Podcasts, Vlogs, etc.

Note that media primarily by allies (including mental health care professionals, NT parents of aspie kids, etc.) are marked with *, however, note that some of these media sources provide lots of interviews and whatnot with Aspies, even if the host is NT. All other links below are from folks who identify as being on the Autism Spectrum.

Also please note that some of these podcasts/vlogs are frequently updated, others are not. The older ones are still included though because the content is good and not out-of-date. Folks start and stop projects like this for many understandable reasons, but I appreciate the fact that many content providers keep their stuff up over time.

Lastly, if we have left off your favorite podcast, vlog, etc, please let us know.


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