About the Exploring Aspergia radio show

Exporing Asperiga is a radio show and pocast by, about and for Aspies and Autists (aka people who identify as being on the Aspergers/Autism Spectrum).

The program is hosted by a married Aspie couple James & Becky Branum, both of whom have experienced many of the joys and challenges of living the aspie life. James wears many hats including that of a part-time attorney, peace activist, progressive Mennonite minister and radio broadcaster. Becky is an medical doctor and a writer. James and Becky are parents to a delightful 10 year old who is also an aspie.

Photo: James, Becky and friends with Dr. Temple Grandin
James, Becky and friends with Dr. Temple Grandin

The show’s name “Exploring Aspergia” is based on the idea that the experience of being an Aspie is often the experience of navigating a scary but often exciting world in which there are few roadmaps. And the journey is one that is never completed but rather is an ongoing one.

Exploring Asperiga is brought to you by the support of the Upwave Media Project of the Center for Conscience in Action and Broad Spectrum Radio.

About the Exploring Aspergia app

The Exploring Aspergia App is a supplement to our radio show and is designed to provide not only an easy way to listen to our podcast, but also easy access to a wide variety of resources. It is of course a work in progress (and yes, it will look more attractive in time — I, James, readily admit that the app design is a bit utilitarian right now) so be sure and check for updates to the app on a regular basis.

The app is currently available for Android devices, however, the basic content of the app can be viewed through IOS devices and web browsers via our mobile website.

About the Links and Ads

Much of app consists of links to a wide variety of resources. We try to pick materials that are high-quality and non-objectionable, but we also may not agree with all viewpoints expressed. For our own content, we seek to use Identity-First language (here is a good explanation of this from the Autism Self-Advocacy Network), but some of the content we are linking to does not.

Also the free version of this app (available from the Google play store) displays small banner ads from Admob.com. These ads help to pay the expenses of this project, however, I know that many people hate ads (I know I do), so we also have a paid version of this app (also available from the Google play store), however, if finances are tight and you find the ads to be distracting, please contact us and we can send you a download link so you can download the paid version for free.